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TelePacific Communications provides phone, Internet access and data networking services for businesses in California and Nevada. See TelePacific reviews and hear directly from customers how they use TelePacific services, how they rate TelePacific Customer Service and what makes TelePacific their provider of choice.

Domaine Chandon Winery

How TelePacific Customer Service makes Consolidation a Breeze

From several vendors and 50 invoices on a monthly basis, Domaine Chandon moved to TelePacific where all its locations can be serviced by the same provider. “Consolidating vendors across…locations and bill reconciliation made TelePacific the right choice.” Having a reliable voice and data service is critical to the operations of this world renowned winery. And with three locations sharing a VoIP and data network, reliability was key. While Domaine Chandon has never had to call TelePacific with an issue, they are comforted knowing they have one point of contact and one vendor for all their locations. TelePacific’s excellent customer service is the ultimate peace of mind.


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